What Is the Real Cost of Living in Chester, VA?

What Is the Real Cost of Living in Chester, VA?

  • Team Hensley Real Estate
  • 09/18/23
In the hustle and bustle of modern life, we often long for the convenience and simple joys of small-town life. Chester, Virginia offers the perfect combination of the two. Just a few miles outside of Richmond, the historic town of Chester offers old-world Virginia charm and a relaxing environment.

Chester lies in one of the first settled regions of the United States, and its historic neighborhoods have many beautiful homes nestled in the lush Virginia trees. Of course before you make plans to call a place home, the first practical step is to look at the cost of living. The more affordable an area, the more you can afford when choosing a home.

As a local real estate expert, Annemarie Hensley is well-equipped to share the average cost of living in Chester, Virginia.

The housing price range for Chester residents

If you've been house-hunting, no doubt you have noticed that some locations cost more or less per square foot than others. Housing prices are lower than the national average in Chester, which means you can afford a bigger house for a smaller price when shopping for your dream home.

The average cost of a single-family home in Chester is $378,000. Chester is located in a favorable real estate market for buyers, and home prices in Chester are still growing steadily. These numbers are promising not just for residents but also for real estate investment in the area.

The cost of utilities in Chester for a three-bedroom home

Utilities can have an important impact on your monthly and yearly cost of living in a new region. The cost of electricity, water, and natural gas will stack onto your mortgage and homeowner's insurance in routine expenses, so it's good to know the general cost of utilities before you move to a new area.
The average energy bill in Chester is $180 to $200 a month, which includes consideration for a climate that is both hot in the summer and cold in the winter, such that heating, ventilation, and air conditioning are often in constant use.

The average water bill is around $70 per month, but can vary.
Natural gas prices average around $75 per month, but can vary more widely between historic homes and newer homes.

The average salary of a Chester, VA, resident

If you're moving to Chester for work or if someone in your household will soon be job-hunting in the area, it's useful to get a scope on the average per household. Chester has a cozy small-town vibe with a wide range of neighborhoods and income brackets. The average Chester household income is $79,000 annually.

Of course, many families living in Chester have jobs in Richmond, either through a commute or working a hybrid/remote schedule at a comfortable distance from the big city. Chester's proximity and easy commute to the metro provides many professional opportunities.

Discover your next home in Chester, VA

Buying a new house is just the first step in building a whole new lifestyle in the neighborhood of your choice. Chester is a uniquely welcoming community steeped in history and charm. While Chester may be a short drive from the big city of Richmond, Virginia, the residents like to maintain a friendly and welcoming vibe where children play in the local parks and neighbors share a friendly "hello" when they pass by.

For all its historic charm, Chester is also an affordable place to live, where housing and utility costs are lower than the national average. Lower costs can make both family life and lifestyles more affordable for all of Chester's residents. Discover our fantastic homes, affordable prices, and uplifting community as you house-hunt in Chester, Virginia.

Find your Chester home with Annemarie Hensley

Searching for your dream house in Chester, is an adventure all of its own, and it deserves the right partner and guide in the Chester real estate market. Annemarie Hensley is a passionate Virginia local who has been leading Team Hensley for over 10 years, and a realtor for 21 years in total. She has a deep-seated knowledge of the local market and understands her clients’ needs.

Share your visions of the ideal Virginia house with Annemarie, and she will help you bring those dreams to life with skillfully matched homes available in the area. Contact Annemarie Hensley and Team Hensley to find your new home in Chester or anywhere throughout the Richmond, Virginia area.

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