Time to Think About Spring Curb Appeal

Time to Think About Spring Curb Appeal

  • Team Hensley
  • 04/19/22
spring curb appeal

Time to Think About Spring Curb Appeal

Depending on where you live, it may be the best time to begin projects and chores for spring that promise to enhance your property’s curb appeal later-on. Ignoring curb appeal is a mistake, particularly if you have plans on selling or renting the property- as well as if you own a business or commercial space.
Make time to plan-ahead for warmer weather with the following tips and tasks:

Prune and Trim the Landscaping

Now is the time to weigh your spring landscaping chores and determine how to minimize the maintenance costs. Make sure that you prune and trim trees, bushes, and hedges now- which can save you a lot of headache later. Broken limbs can fly free during windy weather and damage your home or property; save grief now by cutting these back to reduce the risk. Furthermore, this is the perfect time to clean up and clear the property for the spring foliage.

Clear and Clean the Gutters

Speaking or risks, another problem that is easy to prevent are clogged gutters. You should clean the gutters at least every spring, but preferably in the fall, too. When gutters are not cleaned, they can clog and sag, becoming heavy and leaking. Over time, this can hamper your curb appeal and potentially cost you money in damage caused by water from faulty gutters.

Take Care of the Turf

Tend to lawn care that ensures you have great green spaces this spring and summer. This may mean seeding the grass or it might involve an investment in turf- the choice is yours. Remember not to cut the grass too close to prevent burning during warm weather, and to trim it a bit closer during cooler seasons to deter pests.

Feature your Front Door

Don’t forget: the front door is a key part of a property’s curb appeal. Do something special with the front door, whether that means painting it a vibrant, new color or installing a unique door-knocker or mailbox.

Build Something

Consider building outdoor structures- arches, pergolas, arbors- to instantly alter and improve curb appeal. Hardscaping involves implementing non-living features into a property, such as a fence, stonework, a yard sculpture or other art objects. For curb appeal and function, think about building something that can be used for storage, like a small garden shed or greenhouse.

Plant Spring Bulbs

Make sure to be ready for planting bulbs this spring and reap the rewards later, when they bloom. Fresh colorful flowers always enhance curb appeal.

Pave Your Property

Would your property benefit from paving? Paved spaces, like walkways and patios, cut down on dust and can make maintaining a yard much easier. Plus, paving provides a crisp, polished appearance. Talk to a masonry contractor to learn more.

Hire a Landscaping Pro

Hiring a landscape professional is a practical investment- particularly if you have a large property or are thinking about selling. A quality landscaper can maintain your property, but also enhance the curb appeal with new and exciting features. Need a local trustworthy landscaper? Team Hensley works with reliable contractors everyday and would be happy to share that information!
Use these tips to enhance and elevate your curb appeal this season- and maintain the inherent value of your property. Thinking about buying or selling this spring? Talk to Team Hensley, in Richmond and Midlothian, VA.

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