Simple Ways to Add Value to Your Home

Simple Ways to Add Value to Your Home

  • Team Hensley
  • 01/17/23


"Hey guys, it's an Annemarie and today I wanted to talk to you about adding value to your home. If you're thinking, you might sell in the next year or so, you'll love to hear that you don't need to renovate. You just need to do some simple updates. Buyers love kitchens and baths. That's where their focus is when they're shopping. So that's where your focus should be for updates too. So, to beautify those bathrooms and class up the kitchen a couple of things you can think about are the hardware on your cabinets. Is it loose or is it just outdated? Tighten it up or buy a whole new set. It's an inexpensive way to update. Lighting and plumbing fixtures are also an easy fix, they should be tightened if they're loose, or leaking, or if they're outdated, just buy new fixtures. It will really modernize those spaces. When you're thinking about the kitchen, it's a bonus to have all your appliances match. So make them all stainless steel or black, whatever you have in there. But a matching set is preferable. And bathrooms, it's nice to have a fresh caulk around the tub and shower. And in addition to that, the countertops for a bathroom, because they're so small, they're not super expensive. So add a stone top and it's a great way to enhance your bathroom. Fresh coat of paint throughout the house is always an easy way to update as well. So keep that in mind and if you've got questions about your updates, please feel free to reach out."


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